Welcome to Claridge House, 
Our House is Your Home.

Claridge House in North Miami is a skilled nursing and rehabilitation center — what is commonly called a nursing home. For us, though, and the residents who either live in our facility or seek short-term rehabilitation, it’s so much more. That’s because we’re a family-owned and operated center. We understand that what families need most is a warm, friendly atmosphere with excellent care in clean surroundings. In short, they need to feel they’re getting in our house what they would get in their own home.

Claridge House has been in operation since 1984. Our nursing staff exceeds the state-required ratio of nurse to patient. We also have extremely low staff turnover. Our staff professionals get to know the residents quite well, which allows them to be accustomed to their needs.

People come to Claridge for a variety of reasons. Some have serious, chronic health issues. Others may have had hip surgery or require dialysis or cardiac care because of extended illnesses. We need to be equipped to handle nearly anything, and we do by providing many different kinds of therapies and clinical services to help residents achieve an optimal level of functioning. We also make sure that they have a wide variety of indoor activities and can enjoy outdoor time as well on our two patio areas.

Please explore the rest of our website to learn more about what we offer. Then stop by to visit us for a tour. Appointments are not required.